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  • Hygiene Brushware

    An exclusive color coded Hygiene Brushes and Cleaning Utensils range made with a special grade of durable synthetic bristles to withstand heavy-duty use. These are capable of tolerating high temperatures as well as withstanding chemicals at standard concentration, from pH2 to 10.5.”

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  • Paint Tools and Accessories

    World class Paint Brushes, Rollers and Accessories

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  • Banister Brushes

    Ideal for cleaning counter tops as well as removal of small-medium dust particles on any surface.

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  • Masonry Brushes

    Masonry Brushes for a wide variety of tasks, including your concrete, cement and masonry needs.

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  • Platform Brooms

    Excellent push broom range made with Natural and Synthetic filaments for janitorial needs.

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  • Scrub Brushes

    These filaments will not absorb moisture and is resistant to most chemicals and oils. PVC filled brushes are not recommended to be used in temperatures greater than 65 C whereas PPN filled brushes are capable of withstanding 100 C for a few seconds.

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  • Wash Brushes & Squeegees

    Flow-Thru design delivers a constant flow of water. Made with softer bristles these brushes are safe to use on any surface.

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  • Wire/Scratch Brushes

    Long, narrow profile wood handles make getting into and cleaning up tough, hard to-reach places quicker and easier. Natural, synthetic, brass, steel, and wire bristles are specifically selected materials for quality equipment and machinery maintenance.

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  • Yard Brooms

    Ideal for cleaning courtyards, patios, sideways etc

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